Thursday, August 19, 2010


Todays been boring! Cleaning the apartment is still on the priority list unfortunately. I found out some people from home took care of our animals! The dog has been fixed and is going to a new home soon ( I think) and the cats have homes too! I'm excited about that! We went to the grocery store to get groceries tonight..well, some. It's nice to say store. Not wal-mart. I understand Moberly has bratchers but I always kinda thought they were more expensive. It's nice that the store isn't far from our apartment at all. We are still waiting on a phone call from someone to give Joe a job. The place he will most likely get won't call him till next week! The reason I say "probably get" is because he's had experience with the job before. I talked to someone who used to live here, she said she really liked it. I hope that I start to really like it too. Yesterday I got sick..again! I thought I'd be done with the morning sickness by now. This little girl will be born in 3 months! I thought a person would be done with being sick by now. If I say things I've already said in previous posts, I'm sorry. I just forget a lot...'pregnancy brain'. So Sunday Joe and I sat in on  a Bible study. They were studying 1st Peter I wanna say. They were talking about how younger people (particularly) treat dressing for church like its no big deal. "like their dressing for the beach" what do you all think?

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