Tuesday, August 17, 2010

it's tuesday!

it's been a rather short day. the day has seemed to go by rather fast. joe's first day was today. he said it was kinda boring. in my opinion syllabus days usually are. i may have help cleaning the apartment tomorrow! i'm more motivated to do it if i've got help. which, usually i'm the opposite. usually i like to clean on my by myself. I kinda wish i was in school again. the whole atmosphere kind of makes me wish i was a part of it. its weird being in a school setting but having to do anything. I saw a puppy that looks like our dog. It made me sad. I miss our pup! I  still wake up expecting to take her outside. Given, it hasn't been that way everyday but I still feel like I need to take care of her. It kinda feels like i ran out on her. i wonder what she thinks happened. is that weird to wonder what a dog thinks? anyway, so, i'm tired! a lot! i wasn't tired last week but this week i feel exhausted. i wonder if i wasn't just excited to move last week so therefore wasn't paying much attention to the tiredness. i miss knowing people around town..

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