Friday, October 25, 2013

life updates

I started working at Chuck E Cheese's about a month ago. Its proven to be a lot more challanging than I thought CEC could ever be. But, Its been good to finally get out and make some sort of friends. I get along with (mostly) everyone there which is good. A lot of the people are younger than me but thats alright..Just more of a reason to be an example.

Joe's still at TechMaster. He's recently gotten reading glasses which is kinda funny. He's enjoying being in the same state as his family. Since we only live a couple blocks from each other, we get more than our fair share of each other.

Claire's going to turn 3 in about 3 weeks. We're having her birthday party at Chuck E Cheese. I know she's going to have a great time. She can sit on a ride and even if its not moving she will have a great time :)

I've been meeting with a couple of Mormon girls lately. I see it as a witness tool. I met with a Jehovah's Witness in Warrensburg. Even though ideas of other religions and people seem wacky, I have gained some good friends from it.