Thursday, August 12, 2010

oh my goodness!

So Joe left at about 5:30 this morning to get his parents from KC. He has yet to return so its just me here. This morning someone came to get Tiger (the cat) so he has a home, we are just hoping the person we are told would take the dog will take her today! I feel bad leaving the stray here. She's so sweet, and old, and declawed! Who does that!?!? who declaws their cat & abandons them!? anyway, so the plan is to be done packing and loading by 3 today. we'll see. I am taking a break. Its a lot of work (if anyone has ever packed a whole house before you know what I'm talking about) Joe and I had our last night here last night. kind of bittersweet actually. We've lived here together since we got married which was about 2 years ago.I feel like the process of leaving tomorrow is happening too fast but at the same time going by to slow? how can that be?

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  1. So i understand completely about the packing, especially while pregnant.... and too fast but too slow seems to be often with things i am about to do/get