Sunday, August 15, 2010

new church

We went to Northside Christian Church this morning. We went to the main service at 9 then to a class type thing at 10:30. We ended up going to a class with older adults because the one we were interested in wasn't meeting I don't think. There was a blood drive at the church today so maybe that had something to do with it? Claire has been super active today. Like up in my ribs active! I'm so thankful it doesn't hurt. It's actually kind of amusing to feel her moving around. I know it won't last much longer. it is almost 3 months till the day she will be born. I'm excited for her to be born (of course) but I wonder if I will miss being pregnant. Maybe it's just different because I have a 'different' kind of situation. I miss being pregnant with Ella because she's not here anymore. This morning we visited that area of our lives again. The class we were in with wanted to know more about us and of course we talked about our children. Especially when asked if Claire is our first child. It's kinda awkward to tell them 'no she isn't. we had a daughter last year.' I feel like it just makes them feel sorry for us and seems like it's just making things weird from the get go. Not that I don't like talking about Ella but maybe not the first time I meet someone. Well, today someone is supposed to come look at our car and hopefully we will not have to ask for a ride to my doctor appointments tomorrow. I am hoping to get our apartment a little more straightened up today. It's a nice apartment we just can't find anything and it doesn't seem we have room for much but I think that's just going to take some organizing. Well, lunch is ready and I'm hungry and I'm pretty sure Claire must be too so I will update more later.

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