Wednesday, May 15, 2013

the door closed...

The door on the Navy was closed fairly soon after Joe went to bootcamp so we will be opening another one!
We will be moving to California. Joe started a new job this past Monday at a place called techmaster. He will be calibrating equipment. He will be staying with his parents until he can save some $ to get an apartment for our littel family. There's just not enough room for us all to stay at his parents' place.
As soon as we get there, I will be looking for a job. I am nervous because I haven't worked outside the home since I was pregnant with our first daughter 4 years ago. I am really hoping to get a job at a coffeeshop..or a daycare sounds like I would like it too. We'll see what happens I suppose.

Claire is doing wonderfully. she's a little stinker thats for sure! She likes to ' push my buttons' to see how long it will take before she gets in trouble so thats been a little trying on my patience and my heart because a lot of the time I just want to let it slide but I know thats not doing either one of us any favors.

Being a single parent for a few weeks is rough! I have to pack everything up all by myself too and keep a 2 year old under wraps at the same time..sounds tiring really