Wednesday, May 4, 2011

It's coming!

Mother's day I mean. Its Sunday (your thinking 'duh' right?) Joe's only got 9 hours of work next week and didn't have many this week either so we cannot celebrate Mother's Day the traditional way. I know its dumb but I am disappointed about it. I was thinking about why I felt so disappointed and came to the conclusion its all about validation. I am not only wanting to feel validated about being Claire's mother but also Ella's. Its really stupid to feel this way of course I am their mother! I had Ella for 8 and a half months and I mother Claire every day and have since the day we learned she was on the way. I almost feel like its one more way to honor Ella's memory...

We went to the doctor today for Claire. She's had a rash(es) on her chest, arm, and leg. It turns out its only eczema. The doctor gave us some cream..stuff. Claire doesn't act like she's in any pain or anything so thats good. It's just annoying more than anything.

Joe's done with the semester! As of tomorrow anyway, he has one more final and then he's done..for 3 days and then summer classes start. At least I will get my husband back a little more often..