Friday, August 20, 2010

it's friday!

We have lived in Warrensburg for a week officially now. I didn't do much today. I watched Gilmore Girls! It's one of my favorite shows ever! Is that lame? Anyway, So for the last day or so I've really been struggling with feeling alone. I mean, I know I have my husband here and thats awesome! I try to remind myself he is going through this with me too..maybe even worse. He's going to school with thousands of people everyday and hopefully very soon will have a job. We have our baby who will be here in less than 3 months now! I didn't really know I was struggling with not knowing anyone. It just kinda hit me..I don't know if that makes sense or not. I have times where I just wanna cry. I mean, I miss knowing people! I shouldn't complain. We have been going to the Christian Campus House a little this week. It helps! People are super nice there. We went tonight for a game night they were having. It was just board games pretty much. Joe, me and some other guys played apples to apples for almost 2 hours. We had a lot of fun. It's storming here! Its weird, I kind of like it. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I feel like the apartment building is a little more sturdy than our house in Moberly. I'm not sure if thats a fact but thats the way I feel. It may sound really juvenile (sp)  but I miss our dog. She was with us for a long time. The cat wasn't really ours but kinda was for awhile. He was a good cat and we both really liked him but I don't think I got as attached to him as I did the dog. Did anyone read the question I had for you on my last post? I can't decide what to think. I mean, I know we should treat the church building as a holy place. If we go in it in a pair of jeans and a t shirt does it mean we are treating God as if he were any less Holy than he ought to be? Hope that made sense! Things are getting down to the wire financially. Bills are starting to come in, saying we owe them money like yesterday. We have yet to hear about a job for Joe. He's a little stressed about it. At this point it seems like he's confident we will be taken care of. We are trying to find work for him. I just hope it comes soon...


  1. i felt really lonely when hubby and i first moved... i still dont know many people but the feeling has faded (for the most part) just make sure u let joe know how you are feeling... chris helped me a lot by just being there to talk to... being a SAHM feels lonely if you are stuck at home all the time too so make sure you get out once in a while. i went two weeks without leaving the house last month and it just about drove me crazy :P

    i just read your previous post also... i feel like people who dress up only for church are kind of hypocrytical... its the attitude not the dress that makes the difference ( but i still dress up for church at times)

  2. i have pondered your question often this past week. i understand people dressing up in their best outfits to worship God in His Holy Place. But something really opened my eyes when i was in Haiti one summer. one of the people in the village stated that he couldn't go to church because he didn't have any shoes (yet he clearly had a pair of sandles on his feet!) i tried arguing with him to go, that a church is for everyone and he adimantely refugsed to step foot inside the building. i began to realize something. everyone inside wore the best that they owned, everything was spotless clean. then there was a crowd outside, they were people with hungry eyes, hungry to step foot inside church, but couldn't because they were dirty, their outfits were rags. simply their cultural beliefs they were ashamed to go inside. it's quite sad. after that we began to hold services outside for them. what a difference it made. if someone dresses us just for God on Sunday then it's only an outward appearance for man to see. if you can't go before God in your 'prayer closet' naked, then yes it's very hypocritical. i think it's the attitude behind why you dress up...sorry i ramble alot!