Sunday, November 21, 2010

we're home!

We got home yesterday around 2 or 3 (I think). She slept a lot of the afternoon. Of course, she eats and poops as well. She does both..a lot! She is starting to get the hang of nursing.  I try to dominantly nurse. If anyone of you reading this is a mom, I hope you understand that the beginning is very overwhelming so when it seems like she's not getting enough or is just too fussy we give her formula. I had planned to ONLY nurse when I was pregnant but this past year or so has shown me not all things go as planned.

She slept pretty crappy last night, but she is a newborn so thats to be expected right? right? :) She woke up every hour for the majority of the night then she slept for 5 hours at a time! It was amazing and we have only had her at home for one night, but to us it felt great to get 5 consecutive hours again. We both sort of had emotional breakdowns last night, but surprisingly, it sort of made us feel better to get those emotions out.

She is now on daddy's lap sleeping and mommy needs to wake her up to eat here in a bit, its going to take a lot  more discipline on my part (mostly) to keep her on a schedule. Someone advised me though that its better to get them on a schedule at about a month old. Any advice? Conflicting or agreeing? Any good books I should read on raising a newborn to sort make life NOT so overwhelming?

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