Tuesday, November 9, 2010

one more week!

We got our laptop back today so I can update you all on whats going on now! The adapter or something wasn't working, thankfully it was under warranty so it didn't cost us anything to get a new adapter that actually works.

We had a couple of doctor appointments in Columbia yesterday. We had of course the one with the high risk specialist and one with my obstetrician.  The baby is doing really well! My blood sugars are the best they have been in a long time which was awesome to hear. Claire was active during both the ultrasound and her non stress test. She did her practice breathing with no issues or the nurse having to start over to count again so that was nice.  The high risk specialist told us yesterday that he feels like there could be a small chance the baby could have respiratory issues when she is born. He said that he feels like there is probably only a 4% chance of that though. He said with the way things are going, he feels like there is a 96% chance things will be okay and she won't require any breathing assistance at all. I am praying the latter case is how things will go. Wanna pray with me? Just for the next week?  He said that even if she does end up in the NICU, he feels like she wouldn't need to be in there very long and would probably come home at the same time I will be coming home. We are over the moon excited for this baby to be here. We are apprehensive of course to wanna just rush through this week (well, I know I am). I know it could be the last week we spend with our baby girl. I'm really trying not to think that way though. The other night Joe was setting up the cradle. He needed his tool box so I went in the other room to bring it to him. I caught myself thinking "why are you doing this? She's not gonna make it home, your just setting yourself up for disappointment." I told myself to stop thinking those thoughts, that they are lies from satan just to tear me down. He's really been trying to tear me down this pregnancy and has unfortunately succeeded at times. I dusted the living room today! that was something on my list to get done before the baby comes home with us. Mission accomplished!!! Now, I just need to clean her room, Joe is gonna wash some more clothes this weekend, We need to pack our hospital bag (a week's worth of stuff) it feels sort of like we're going on a trip. I'm hoping i will get to see some of my family next week I don't normally see. I know my sisters are coming and I believe my mom too. But I have some aunts and uncles  (cousins) that live in MO and am hoping they can make the trip to Columbia, even though it is a bit out of the way for them. It's even more out of the way for my mom and sisters though. It's a 2 hour trip! I'm grateful gas prices are no longer the way they were a few summers ago..over $3 for a gallon of gas, those were sad times :(

I got even more baby things Sunday at church. One woman even thought of me! She bought me a few things I could use now and after the baby gets here. We are still waiting for someone to tell Joe he can start working. Thats been sort of a bummer the last few months. However, we are thankful for the people God has placed in our lives to help provide for us while we are going through this 'Joe doesn't have a job " thing. We're used to him working 2 jobs so its sort of weird him being at home a lot. I will be thankful to have his help the week after next though when we come home from the hospital. Don't get me wrong, I love my husband and really like spending time with him. I hope you didn't take it badly when I said I'd be thankful for this help here soon...

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  1. Your new belly pic is awesome, can't wait to meet your little miracle!