Tuesday, November 16, 2010

getting ready

Well, yesterday the day went by fairly quickly. We had my doctor appointments yesterday. They went well! The baby is doing awesome. She even moved a lot during the monitoring last night. She kept scooting away from the monitor. I got stuck 5 times before the IV finally went in..and even that wasn't good enough. The doctor wanted it moved to a better spot. So, now. i'm full of holes! I've got some bruises to show already.

We are now about 3 hours away from the surgery starting. I'm nervous! I was shaking a bit when the doctor was talking about the anathesia (sp). I hate that I have to be totally numb and then feel pain. It'll all be worth it when I hear Claire cry though! I am still trying to process seeing our baby alive and just holding her.

Please pray for us! Please pray for the procedure to go quickly, smoothly, and safely for all of us (joe will be joining me in the room. I'm scared for him a bit too)

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