Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Claire bear!

is doing great! she's gained 6 ounces since birth! she sleeps most of the day and into the evening. we are awake the majority of the night so she can eat.I wonder if she' hit a growth spurt..always hungry! she is a very cuddly baby. she doesn't appreciate being put down a lot. I'm glad though. I think it'd break my heart to have a baby who just wanted to be left alone. We are sorta getting used to having this new person in our lives & adjusting to life with her.

when I look at her, I'm overwhelmed she's here. I forget i'm not pregnant anymore. Just last night I had to remind myself. Joe is adjusting more easily too. we have "shifts" with the baby.I sleep for a few hrs at night and tackle from about 12-9am..joe goes to school. Then we work together the rest of the day.

well, thats all for now

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