Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Claire's birthday

Has officially changed. She will be born November 16th at 12pm. I have 2 doctor appointments the day before in Columbia. So instead of driving back home Monday night and coming back to Columbia Wednesday night, we are just going to stay in the hospital Monday night and have our little girl the next day! So we are officially 2 weeks away as of today! YaY! we are SO excited, I know its only moved by 2 days but its still oober exciting!

The down side is, Joe will miss a little more school this way and my family that had planned to be there for the birth probably won't get to be. My mom is a nurse and my sister is a manager at a retail store so I don't know if they can get the time off they need. My other sister is going to see what she can work out. I do have a sister above her but she lives in Minnesota so I doubt she'll make the trip. 

My nephew is 17 today! wow! He's so tall too! I still remember his 'rat tail' he had as a toddler. Time really flies! I feel bad that I am not there to spend his birthday with him. I was there for a long time for his birthdays now we're 4 hours away from each other. My niece (who happens to be his sister) is having a birthday Dec. 21st. I may be able to make it for that one. It's really close to Christmas and we wanted to take Claire to Illinois to see her grandpa and her great grandma. Joe's birthday is the 23rd of December  . He wants to make a trip to Moberly to spend the day with his friends. I hope it works out that he will get to do what he wants to do for his birthday. I am excited to be a mommy and hold my baby in my arms in 2 weeks!!!

I found out a couple of my aunts have recently passed away. One of them was just getting up there in years as I understand it, and the other one had a brain tumor. My younger sister shared a 'story' with me I'd like to share with you about my aunt Nancy (she had the tumor)who passed away recently. My sister said Nancy had a dream she was on a train. She was a few rows back from my aunt Joyce (the older one) and everyone was wearing white. That was her way of learning my aunt Joyce was soon to die and my aunt Nancy was soon to follow. I don't remember if there was anymore detail to the story. I just remember being kind of amazed when Emily told me that. I believe God can speak to us through our dreams but I hadn't heard anyone having any dreams where they felt spoke to by God in awhile. Isn't that a cool story of reassurance? 

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