Thursday, September 30, 2010

memorial service

Last night I watched a memorial service online for a couple that attended the same church as me in Quincy. Well, let me be clear that it was their twin boys. They were conjoined. I believe Shawna was 8 months along. It brought back a lot of emotion for me. I remembered thinking "its surreal to see your own child in a casket." The most heartbreaking part for me was when Shawna was speaking. She wrote her boys a letter. I very sweet idea I almost wish I had thought of after Ella died.  She talked about how her heart rate dropped and she felt like she couldn't breathe at a certain part of the delivery. The doctor told her it was when they separated the boys from her.  I don't recall the same thing happening to me but the scary part was, I could understand it. She talked about handing her boys over was the hardest thing they ever had to do. It made me think of handing Ella to the nurse for the last time. I don't think I thought anything of it at the time (I blame it on the shock my body was still going through) or maybe I figured it had to be quick like a bandaid sort of thing.

Joe may have a job soon! He hopefully will get a call soon saying he does anyway! He went in yesterday to talk to the manager. I've been praying for him to get a job soon. Especially before the baby gets here..I hear they are pretty expensive :)

Speaking of baby, she will be here in 7 weeks!

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  1. Hey lady! I love the new blog layout, it looks great! You know you could still write a letter to Ella today. We are hoping and praying with you for Joe to get a job, and for little Claire. You are doing great! I wish I could be there to see her for myself in 7 weeks, it will be here so soon!
    Love you!