Monday, September 13, 2010

baby Claire!

We got home from Columbia not that long ago. Claire is doing fine! First we had our appointment with the doctor who will deliver her. Then, I had to get blood drawn (ick) and then I had an appointment with the high risk doctor. We did a non stress test and an ultrasound. I wish I had a scanner to put some of the pictures online. She was putting two fingers up like a peace sign at one point. It was cute. She wasn't moving as well today during the ultrasound but the tech said that was normal. Since she had already been so active during the nts test apparently that made up for the 20 minutes of time they were looking for her to be active. She said that the baby had probably just worn herself out and thats why she wasn't as active. Of course I asked her if it was a problem that Claire wasn't as active during the ultrasound. I am one paranoid momma. I told Joe that if I didn't ask I would have gone crazy this week as we wait for another appointment.

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