Monday, September 27, 2010

time for another Claire update!

We just returned for another Columbia adventure! The baby is doing well! Her hair is so long.
I was contracting during my non stress test so the doctor did a couple tests to make sure things are fine, and to make sure I didn't need to stay in the hospital overnight but things are just fine! We are still planning to have little Claire make her debut on the 18th of November. 

My blood sugars are still too stinking high! It drives me bonkers! I'm doing better emotionally I think than I have been in the past day or two. I just got freaked out about all those babies dying. It made me wonder if we would lose ours too. I know somewhere in the world there has to be someone who has lost a 'rainbow baby'. 

Joe's still trying for a job. He applied at a donut shop. That should be interesting if he gets it. I think they want someone who can decorate donuts, so it should bring it his creative side. He's tossing around the idea of changing majors in school. He says the more he takes a certain class, the less he thinks he will be interested in a broadcast major. I'm thankful he's so excited about having another child. He's a big support for me. He understands what I am feeling ...I mean, when it comes to being afraid of losing another. Of course he can't understand what its like to be pregnant :) that'd be weird.

I'm sore. My hips hurt most of the least when I am not sitting. I don't mean to complain. I mean, I'd rather not be pain but I am super excited and thankful we are expecting another baby!

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