Tuesday, September 21, 2010

another Columbia trip

Claire is weighing in at 3 lbs and 6 ounces as of yesterday! After she got woke up by the 'buzzer' on my belly she was very active. Things are progressing quite well. The doctor did tell us though, that there is a bit too much amniotic fluid around the baby. I didn't ask how that was a bad thing. I think I was just honestly afraid of the answer. He said that it was due to the diabetes that there is too much fluid around her. So please pray that my glucose levels will straighten out. I also need prayer to pay more attention to the foods I eat. I pay attention most of the time but I just tell myself 'it'll be okay if I have a little bit of ....(fill in the blank)".

I do get scared that we will lost another. I have almost 8 weeks left in this pregnancy and find myself wondering if I'm a ticking time bomb. I pray that God will spare this little one's life. That we will not have to experience the loss of another child. We have ultrasound pictures from every doctor appointment (at least with the high risk doctor) but we don't have a scanner so I can put them online so you can see them!

Joe is looking for a job still. He applied at an Italian restaurant that is apparently hiring for all positions so we're hoping and I know I'm praying that this one will work out.

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