Saturday, September 11, 2010


Today Joe and I went to ucm's first home football game. Of course they had part of the day dedicated to those who died in the twin towers and Pennsylvania. Also those who currently who are in the 'saving lives' positions. Such as nurses, military, firemen, and so on. I saw a woman who is obviously in the military walk across the track. For some reason it really hit me, just how much these people are giving up for us. I don't know why it was something that small to hit me like that. Is it weird that it also relates to how I perceive what Jesus did for us? 

I had an appointment Wednesday for the baby. She is doing exceptionally well! We are REALLY grateful she is doing so well. Oh and UCM needs Jesus. I know everyone does but man! I watched a documentary called " Lord, save us from your followers" yesterday. It opened my eyes. The guy who was the 'host' said he is a Christian but he wanted to see what people think of Christians (I think. I'm pregnant, I forget a lot!) Non Christians talked about how they had been hurt and judged by Christians so bad they just don't care to be a Christian themselves. As Christ's followers, how can we harbor so much hatred in our hearts? Has Christ really transformed us if we refuse to love the people He loves? I'm not pointing the fingers and saying 'you! you! you!' I'm talking to me as well. 

Of course they have cheerleaders at a football game right? The guys behind us were making comments. My heart went out to those girls. I think they'd have to be totally ignorant not to know they are being looked at in a sexual way. Maybe they didn't mind it. I was thinking about how I felt bad for the girls that the guys were making comments like that. Then I thought, Why aren't I praying for God to change the guy's hearts?  It's been on my heart lately how quickly I tend to judge without praying for the person...does that even make sense?

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