Thursday, September 9, 2010

just a few things....

Yesterday I had a baby appointment in Columbia. Claire is doing exceptionally well. She moved 54 times (I think) in like 20 minutes! It was nuts. I was wondering if she was going to move because on the trip to Columbia I think she was napping mostly. I started my non-stress tests yesterday. I will have them once a week until the baby is here. The nurse just wraps a band with a monitor on it around my belly to listen to Claire's heart and I push a button every time I feel her move. She is growing even more hair! We had a different technician this week than last week. The one we had this week said that babies usually start growing hair at this point (almost 28 weeks) but Claire has already started! We saw her breathing! It was intense! The doctor said I need to do a better job at scheduling my meal times and times I give myself insulin..I'm not very good at having a schedule anymore since I don't really have to. Yesterday morning the first actually session of the Elizabeth George study was held. I really enjoyed it. It was a coincidence that she talked about scheduling your time better. She talked about how we should give God the best of our time. I totally needed to hear it. So, starting today I intend to be better. Both with giving God more time and with scheduling things out meal and insulin wise. I told Joe I'm going to have to start "penciling things in" like someone of uber importance or something. Joe STILL isn't employed. He's waiting for the manager at kfc to call...still. He told me that even if he gets the kfc job he doesn't think he will get paid enough to pay all the bills. If its not one thing, its another right? Little Claire will be here 10 weeks from today! It's almost unbelievable! It's totally exciting. We still have a few things we want to take care of but I don't know if it will happen. We need a crib still. We don't have a baby monitor..that'd be nice..oh and a camera to send pictures and videos when she's born. So many things..AHH!!!  I trust that God wanted us here because he opened the door so quickly for us to come and I had prayed about it periodically (which probably wasn't enough) until we actually came here that if he didn't want us to come to let us know. Everything seemed to point to us coming here. I know he wouldn't send us here without providing for us. It just seems hard right now. 

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  1. sometimes you have to stalk people to get a job! I called starbucks in sedalia probably 7 times in order to get that job! Keep at it. Praying for you