Thursday, July 28, 2011

we're back!!!

We got back yesterday morning. Joe arrived early monday morning. Like 7 am! I was awake almost the whole night before. It felt like Christmas when your like 10 years old. I am so glad to have my husband back! Claire is super glad to have dad back too. She would have times while we were away where she would holler for dada. It seemed like while Claire and myself were in Illinois there was a lot of drama..not sure I enjoyed that..especially without Joe to help me cope. Ella's 2nd bday was on the 19th. I got through most of the day alright. I didn't go to her grave till Joe got home. I hate going! well, its a like/hate thing actually. I like going to 'be with' my baby but I hate thats where her body is. I hate leaving..I feel like I'm leaving her behind

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