Tuesday, August 2, 2011

we've been home for a week now!

It's been really great to be back in our routine. I do realize that I want to be busier though. I really liked having something to do. I have been considering finding a job where I can work a couple days a week at least. I don't want Claire in daycare. It's hard to know who I can trust with my child unless I know them personally. Maybe spending time in a daycare just observing for awhile would make me feel better. I remember the first few days home, I would wake up thinking 'where am I?' I forgot we were home!
Joe has had a stuffy nose since about the middle of his Philippines trip I think. It's taken him some time to readjust his schedule. It's been interesting to watch him to try adjust.
The baby is finally getting a tooth! She has a terrible diaper rash though so it's hard to watch her go through that. She will be 9 months in a couple weeks wow wee!! Joe may have a job soon & school is starting up soon here before too long...
What will we do on the hottest day on record? any suggestions?


  1. Bah! Pray for snow! Plan for Christmas! That may or may not be what I did and plan to continue doing. ;)