Friday, July 1, 2011

stomach bugs..

are gross! I had a 24 hour thing monday. I felt MISERABLE! I  would even venture to say it was worse than when I was pregnant with my children. With my 2nd child I was throwing up even into the 6th month. Wednesday Joe had it but not as bad so I was thankful for that.
Wednesday morning I went to Bible study at Northside. I had the sort of morning where I fought with myself if I should go or not. I was glad I did. We sort of talked about how to be a light to the world, what that looks like and checking our motives or shining Christ's light. I was convicted! So many times when I do the "Godly" thing and let someone go in front of me in a line for example I am saying to myself "well, I'm doing something good. I must be really spiritual. why can't others be like me?" I think my motives are not pure. I simply think "well, I'm sure God is proud of me now" and then a voice says "if He's there" I still struggle with the sin of unbelief. I now realize (and when I figured it out it really was a 'duh' moment) that the fruits of the spirit have to be cultivated..they don't just come to you...
which fruits do you need to work on?

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