Sunday, July 17, 2011

I spent the night..

In quincy last night with Jenny. It was so much fun. We went to walmart to get treats & went back to her place. We had Raspberry smoothies. They were yummers! We went to church the next day where I saw my middle school geography teacher. It was very nastalgic. The baby did very well in the nursery apparently. She pooped through her britches though! but after that things went pretty smoothly. Stopped to eat at pop's pizza..good stuff by the way :) went to at&t to fix a phone issue she was try to. It turns out she has to get a new phone..sort of stinky. We went back to the apt. for awhile. Everyone else (including the cat & her babies) took a nap but me. Oh was good to just enjoy the quiet. Went to starbucks and ate my low carb ice cream! I am disappointed since they do not have chocolate low carb ice cream in Warrensburg..oh was good to take advantage of it while I am here..I gave the rest to nephews and niece. Being back has strangely brought me to a realization that I want a closer relationship with God. One more week till I see my husband again. I'm sad that I probably won't talk to him for a few days.