Saturday, July 16, 2011

8 days left!

I am thrilled at the idea of seeing Joe again. I have been able to talk to him on and off for a few minutes every couple days. Yesterday we talked for an hour over skype so that was nice. It was hard to say goodbye though..always is. He sent me a message & told me he might not be able to talk to me till Thursday because they are going to a different city. Not tomorrow but the Sunday after that he will be back in the US at about 1am then he's going to Normal then hopefully to where I am..wherever that is. One of my sisters and her son had been sick with the flu so I've been at my older sister's. Its nice though to divide up the time so we get plenty of time with each 'family'. I'm ready to go back to 'regularly scheduled programming' though, you know that feeling where you just want your own bed back? Its that sort of feeling. I am spending the day with a friend (maybe tonight) and tomorrow and then with another friend on Monday so hopefully the time will pass quickly until I see my husband again. The other day Claire kept calling for "dada". It was so cute! I was a little sad though for her (and me) but I was glad that she misses him.

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