Sunday, June 26, 2011

this week...

has been crazy! I was a crew leader for a group at vbs this week. It was neat to see the kids learn about God and the way they interacted with each other was neat (when they weren't fighting) The cool thing was being able to use the fighting as a learning experience (I don't think I did know its one of those things you think about AFTER the fact) I was with the 1st graders. My group was really sweet. Tuesday was bad but the rest of the week went well :)
My little girl has been sick with a cold the last couple days..she's getting better today. It's not easy to see my baby coughing/sneezing and loads of snot coming out!
Today we went to get our pictures taken. We got a gift certificate from my aunt and uncle that we FINALLY used.
During our time at vbs one of the professors at the college I attended skyped with us from Taiwan. It was hard to see the people there worship their empty gods and for one of the girls in my crew say "what are they doing?" "why are they doing it?"

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