Thursday, March 31, 2011

what did we do on vacation?

I decided I would document our trip so I can maybe answer the question:"what do you guys do?" and so I can remember it. I told you a little bit about my very first airplane ride before. Well, the second wasn't as bad. I've decided I hate the going up part but everything else is kinda nice. We didn't arrive in San Diego till about 9:45pm I think. His dad and grandma came to get us then we went to chuck e. cheese where his mom works! It was sorta fun to see it again. We stayed and visited for a bit then it was time for mom to get back to work. Claire and I went back to the hotel and Joe went to work with his dad. His sister Jennifer came to talk to me while Joe was gone with his dad. We finally made it to bed about 12 I think. the next day was church, lunch at a chinese restuarant. Then I went back to the hotel.I didn't feel good and Joe went to his parents' house for the day.  Monday morning we went to breakfast at IHOP with grandma then we went to go look at a house for my in-laws. The apartment they have now is just too cramped for all the people who live there. Of course my in laws, my mother in law's mother and sister. Now, once they move apparently my father in law's mother is coming to live with them. It was pretty. I saw a snail for the first time...lame huh? Yeah..I know. After that I think we went to the Navy base to see all the ships. HUMUNGO!! then on to the Navy Exchange to buy SeaWorld tickets. I'm sure lunch was in there somewhere. and dinner.besides that I can't remember what happened that day.Tuesday was of course Seaworld!!!! It was really fun! I got a bad sunburn on my face of course. I say of course because my face always seems to get burned when I'm outside all day if its remotely sunny outside. After Seaworld was auto zone. Cam's car (jenni's bf) overheated on the way to Seaworld. It didn't happen till we were in the line to pay for parking though so that was good at least. Then A real sushi place! It was so good. I honestly don't remember Wednesday that well. I feel like we just hung around the parents' apartment.  Thursday...again not that sure. We spent the night at his sister's though. She has a super nice apartment with her roommates. Friday I think it was just a relaxation the parents. We went to see a house again for the in-laws, and went to Chinese!! After dinner we went back to the apartment sat around for a bit and waited for Jen to get off work then me, jen, mom, and auntie nene (mom's sister) went shopping..mostly for the baby. We appreciated it a lot! then back to the apartment then bed a few hours later bedtime! Then we got 3:34am to get to the airport. We left around 5:30am to go to the airport. it was a huge rush once we were there! We had to sit apart because we were the last ones on the plane. I had the baby. Joe sat a few rows in front of me. I sat next to the sweetest woman and her hubby. She didn't like flying either she said. Her hubby flew a lot for work. They have 3 kids. Owen, Ella and Georgia I cute! Like kids out of a movie! I talked to the mom the whole time. We ended up in Albeuquerque (sp) for 2 hrs! Then we flew home. We did get to sit together this time. In the very back of the plane next to the bathroom in case we needed to change baby's diaper..needless to say we didn't until we got to the KC airport. Nadine came to get us, we tried to look for a "Denny's" because I had never been to one but it was closed. We came home, I did laundry and then watched a movie. It was snowing when we got home and it was so cold!! About a 30-40 degree difference from SD..I enjoyed being there. Well, I'm done!

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  1. Thursday was the Jay Leno show! We went with Jen and Cam! It was so fun!!! There wasn't enough room for all 4 of us so Joe and I went to see it live and jen and cam went to the green room.