Monday, March 28, 2011

are we singing louder?

This morning Claire got me out of bed super early, I was flipping through the channels as I was feeding her & someone very familiar looking appeared. This doctor/preacher was a part of the grief share sessions I was involved in after Ella's passing. He was on a talk show sorta thing promoting his new book. I think its a book about how America has forgotten God. He started to talk about this group who would stand at the train station and sing. As the Jewish people who were being sent to concentration camps would go by on these trains the people would just sing louder, ignoring the cries for help of the Jewish people. It was a thought provoking story. I am not trying to point the finger and say "oh YOU are such a bad person." I'm pointing the finger at myself as well. Have you ever heard the saying when you point at someone you have 3 fingers pointing back at yourself? I feel like by ignoring the hurt and pain of other people we are just ripping the "Great Commission" portion of the Bible right out..

I know that as of late I have fallen prey to the thinking of 'well, you do your thing and I'll do mine and lets just ignore one another when the other messes up.'  I know I need to be bolder and say something when I know a fellow Christian is in the wrong. But what do you do when that person is in limbo and they don't really know what they are? anyway...I want to show my daughter to be bold in her faith..i'm not saying she will be perfect. I know she will fail at times but I want her parents to show her how to love, how to never ever have a bad thing to say about anyone. I feel sorry for the person who nit picks about someone else. I wonder how badly they feel about themselves to want to pick on another person...I want to be THAT kind of mom/person. 

I want to be better for her

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