Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Sunday coming home my nose started to get stuffy. I'd been feeling 'drainy' the last couple days before that. Now, I am spending my time blowing my nose, and taking medicine. Not only does being sick play with a diabetic's blood sugar but it makes me not wanna eat..or drink which makes my blood sugar worse. Joe took the baby to the doctor for her 4 month appointment. She gets shots today. There is a part of me that wants to be there to cuddle her after she gets the shots but another part of me is glad I won't get to see it. I decided not to go (as I usually would) because of the stuffiness. I think I'm starting to cough too..gross! We leave for San Diego in a few days. I hope I get better.

My baby growls now! She 'talks' back and forth to us but it totally sounds like she's growling. When she is in her car seat and sometimes when she's sitting on my lap she tries to sit up. it's adorable and makes me SOO excited my baby is growing up and learning how to do things on her own. Along with that though is the 'dread' that comes knowing my baby isn't going to stay little forever. I know it but I guess it seems so far from now..but now that she is learning things on her own its becoming more real. 

I'm so happy to be this girl's momma!

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