Wednesday, April 6, 2011

thinking...just thinking

There have been a number of thoughts running through my head as of lately. I'm sure all of it if not all will come out in this post. Claire is growing.growing so fast. She will be 5 months here pretty soon! She's still pretty small for her age but is it still seems like time is going by fast. It doesn't seem like she was born all that long ago. I still haven't even completely healed from her being born..but since I have the luxury of a pancreas that doesn't work, it takes longer for my body to heal.

Joe got a job yesterday!!!! He's now officially hired at Subway here in town. Thanks to another Central graduate, he had sort of an 'in'. His hours will start off slow but I have confidence that his hours will increase. Right now I'm just thankful he has a job.

I've been struggling to find the joy in life completely. I do find it but I feel like I can't really enjoy it because there is always something to bring me down. A HUGE part of the bringing me down bit comes because I do have diabetes. I wonder about how long I will live, if I will go blind, if my kidneys will stop functioning, heart problems. I realize these problems haven't occurred yet I feel like I constantly wonder if they will.

I really like my Bible study groups. They've both helped me get through so much and I don't think they realize it.

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  1. yay for Joe getting a job! i am praying for you and you family.