Wednesday, December 8, 2010

the days just keep going faster..

it seems like since the day Claire was born every day just goes by so fast! I love being her mommy. I hope I don't mess it up! She's got baby acne pretty bad but I am told that it doesn't last long so thats good and it doesn't seem to be bothering her any. She still has trouble sleeping on her own. She rarely (or so it seems) can bear to be put down. I am working on that though..I'm trying to put her down more often lately (well, really recently) until she cries..sometimes she lasts longer than the last time she was put down so I think its some kind of progress! I don't have that much time to clean the apartment and the things I did when I was pregnant (such as read a book) I have no time for anymore. At first, I gotta admit, I was a little resentful for but I think that was just the feeling of being overwhelmed with taking care of this new little person. I felt bad for feeling angry. We lost our first child so therefore, I felt like I shouldn't feel overwhelmed and stressed when Claire came along. Second, I realize Claire only cries when she needs something, and isn't trying to bring stress on me. I felt bad for being mad. I dunno if this even makes sense. I'm hoping you all will see my feelings as normal and they don't make me some horrible person. I realize my hormones are trying to balance themselves as well so its making things a little difficult. We are adjusting better now though I'd say. Yesterday a friend treated Joe and I to lunch. It was really nice to get outta the house and feel like a real person (as well as a mommy) again.

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