Wednesday, April 27, 2011

need encouragement?

Normally on Wednesday mornings I go to a women's Bible study. This morning was a week that we talked about what we had learned the week before. Towards the end of our meeting time a woman in the group who was diagnosed with cancer got up to give us sort of an update on whats been going on. She was diagnosed with neuroendocrine cancer. She said its a very rare form and she has the fastest growing type, also rare. And let me tell you, what she had to say was amazing!!! I don't think I will be able to remember all she talked about but she did have some pretty good stories about how things 'just happened' to work out. Like the way her husband's printer had taken a poop. When he finally got a new one and plugged everything in some information started to print out. He asked Debbie if she tried to print of this information earlier and she said she hadn't. Turned out it was some info on a hospital! 
she went on to tell us that her family is going to Disney World!! The originally 3 night stay has turned into 6, they are giving her a discount on airfare and at Disney itself. She told us about how the annoying things her husband does do not annoy her anymore. Such as socks on the floor, etc. Don't we all know about that married ladies? She said little things like that don't seem to matter anymore. I think when you are faced with the reality of death, you really realize whats important. At least I know I did when our daughter died.
She told us she has been an extremely anxious person since she could remember (sounds like me..well, my anxiety sort of sprung on after Ella's death) She told us she has learned to really enjoy life now, to not waste a moment. 
I feel like God was speaking right to me. Speaking of Ella, sort of. Ella will finally have a headstone!! yay!!!

I wanted to share with you a couple quotes given to us by Debbie that really encouraged me. 
"Cancer has blessed me more than my life before"-I think she was referring to the things its taught her
"my body may have cancer but my soul does not!"

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