Wednesday, October 19, 2011

i'm giving it, trying

wednesday mornings have really been helping me!  I am ever so thankful for the ladies in my group.This morning was really awesome. We talked about God's grace. I needed to hear the video segment that was shown. one of the things she (Sheila Walsh) said during the video was that when God answers 'no' to our prayers, its done in love. I think I had always known that but I didn't really grasp it, especially till I became a parent. Claire may think its fun to walk into the street & play chicken with the cars. It doesn't mean its for her benefit to do so however. This morning when I was up with Claire (at like 5 am) Joyce Meyer was one. Now, let me be clear that I do not believe the health & wealth gospel but some of the things she has to say I really like  they can be hard to swallow but I appreciate her words nonetheless.She was talking about our basically boiled down to the fact that we need to know the Word in order to fight off the bad thoughts.I need to make this an ongoing habit. Abyone have any good advice on how to do so or anything good to remember?

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