Saturday, August 20, 2011

It's Saturday!

It seems I've spent the majority of the day putting away clothes ms. Claire has grown out of in boxes. I have yet to put away her laundry that was cleaned last night away. I have to put away stuff she can't wear yet too. I am debating on the idea of keeping the clothes or giving them to salvation army. I want to keep them in case we have another baby girl. However, I have learned from past experiences even though we plan for something doesn't mean its going to happen.
Joe can't work this week. Our car has been overheating the last couple days. It stinks a lot! I don't know how we will get Claire to her doctor appointment next week or get groceries...AHH!! I don't like stress...then again, I don't know many people who enjoy being stressed. I need to make it the my doctor hopefully soon. I can't do it till the car stops overheating but to do that takes money and we won't have any till next week. I'm glad we will have some money soon though. I really hope its something that doesn't take a lot of money to fix.

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