Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I was reading an article today on relevant magazine's webpage. It talks about how Jesus wants us to reach out to all the world no matter the cost. I do think as American Christians we have it easier than we ought. He was saying that when we worship the God who wants us to live comfortable, non risky American lives, we are worshipping ourselves. You may want to check it out for yourself to get the exact words he used. I do agree that we have things in excess and I am not one to not take advantage of that excess. Its a shame to say...just look at my weight and one can see that I like food..a little too much. With my having diabetes and her paternal grandfather having it, the chances of Claire having it are pretty high. When she gets old enough I really want to teach her good eating/exercise habits to keep her from getting this disease. The things it can do to a person seems completely unfair.

She is sleeping on her own in the playpen! yay!

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