Saturday, January 8, 2011

oh the joys..randomness ensues

of mommyhood that is! I love my baby so much :) I was a "single parent" for a day and it was tough! Joe left yesterday afternoon for a bachelor party. We are waiting for daddy to come home still. I like spending time with my baby I just don't like feeling alone.

I'm excited to go to moberly next weekend! I'm ready to see everyone again.

The day before yesterday was the first time I think I truly felt like she knowingly was 'asking' for me. Joe said she cried the whole time I was in the shower pretty much and when I walked in the room she was quiet. Joe was feeding her a bottle but she got fussy a bit again and I took her and nursed her and she quieted right down for good. I just love her, I love watching her grow. oh! and she's smiled at me! it's so cute! she has an adorable gummy grin.

We were supposed to go to Illinois this weekend to spend Christmas with my family. We can't make it that far on the gas we have left in the car. My mom has to work this weekend anyway though so it kind of worked out..we'll try for next weekend..maybe? We've got a wedding to go to Saturday that Joe's in and then Sunday we are supposed to stay in the 1 year old sunday school class. Thankfully it's 1 and under I think so we can have Claire with us. I don't think I can bring myself to leave her just yet.

Speaking of leaving, I feel guilty if I leave her with Joe while I go read a book or something. I feel like I should be spending all my time with her! I know I shouldn't feel like this and she needs time with her dad and vise versa. She needs to learn to trust him too (as of right now, this is apparently the only thing she is learning)

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