Wednesday, January 12, 2011

this week...

Has been kinda scary. My sister called me Sunday to tell me our mom had a heart attack. She was on a vent and even needed to be resuscitated once. She's doing a lot better now :) I had hoped for more time to pass before something like this happened (we lost Ella just last year) I'm just glad everything is alright. We plan to go to Illinois this weekend. The weather here has been kinda crappy.

Claire is doing well. She has been sort of more fussy than normal the past couple days but I was reading up on 8 week old development and apparently thats okay.  Joe measured her this morning and she's now 20 inches! She started out 18 3/4 at birth.She doesn't like hanging out by herself all that much. She'll sit in her seat that vibrates (not sure what you call them) for about a half hour or so for me. She sits in it longer for Joe. I don't know if she does it on purpose or not. She's started to make more noises that haven't been made. (at least not that I remember)

I think I'm doing better as a mom. I still get burned out from time to time. It makes me SUPER glad I have Joe. I couldn't imagine doing this alone. I'm grateful for my little girl :) I'm glad I got the opportunity to have both my girls. Ella taught me things I could never had learned otherwise. She taught me to love Claire more and be more thankful for every moment with her, even in the middle of the night when she's woken up for the 39878 time.

We plan to go to California in March to see Joe's parents, sister, grandmas and aunt. It's pretty exciting. We are talking about going to seaworld! I've never been on an airplane before so it'll be a time of firsts for me and Claire. Speaking of Claire, she's getting sorta fussy

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