Thursday, April 5, 2012

whats up chicken butt?

Not a lot here. We are coming down to the homestretch in this apartment. We have to be out by aug. 1st. Thats not to say that we won't be leaving before then..but right now we just really don't know. Currently, everyone (besides me obviously) in the Morris household is napping. I am getting ready to eat lunch in hopes to get it all consumed by the time Ms. Claire wakes up. We'll see right? Kids seem to have some sort of radar that tells them to wake up when you least want them to.
The Christian Campus house here in town is doing something called "something to eat" this week. You can buy meals for super duper cheap, bag them yourself and at the end of the week they are going to send them overseas..pretty cool if you ask me. Yesterday, Claire kept making googly eyes at the guy taking the money...the flirting has started already. Its sorta crazy.
Its supposedly gonna be rainy, that means more than likely a boring day.I've been thinking a lot about prayer..well, it makes a difference that we talked about it Monday night at Bible study group. I have been so guilty of "doing" things instead of having a relationship with him..its so scary. You know that verse that talks about how 'we've drove out demons in your name' and then Jesus is like "depart from me. I never knew you"..ya, scary. I have felt the peace that comes over a person after I pray about something yet, I choose not to do it not NEARLY as I should..anyone else in the same 'boat'?'

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