Thursday, December 29, 2011

so, its been a really long time

I've thought about blogging several times in the past few weeks. I just haven't..clearly. Well, today we went to the Air Force base so Joe got get a pass to get on base for his job! Thats right, he's got a second job! Crazy fella. Its a delivery job for the donut cafe here in town. We planned to go to Illinois last weekend but we had..issues yet again. Our car needed 1400 worth of repair. The guy at the shop said it wasn't worth fixing really. We decided to trash it..well, sell it then they trashed it I think and get a new one. It was a blessing that happened at just the right time I thought. Joe talked to someone one night who had been trying to sell his car. It's a 2001 ford explorer...very nice car! I like it a lot better than our other one. It's much easier with a one year old as well. We plan to go home very soon to celebrate Christmas. Claire has started waving her hand 'hi' and 'bye' the past few weeks..she's too adorable!

Instead of looking at this world, I'm tryin to look to Jesus for hope. I have been wavering in my faith for the past 7 or 8 months I'd say..I really struggle with "could all this be true?" "did God do all that stuff the Bible says? Am I just wishfully, I don't want to be fooled like all the other people who believe are being fooled..

I know satan tries all he can to get people to turn towards him and not the author and finisher of our faith. I've really been struggling and if you have any help you could offer whatsoever, please let me know

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  1. No more green car? lol

    we are look in into getin a new vehicle too not because ours is broke but because we dont all fit

    it will be soon im sure... the Lord always provides!