Monday, January 16, 2012

super nice weather for January...

We're thinking of taking Claire to the park when she wakes up from her nap! I'm hoping she wakes up soon. I get cabin fever pretty easily. So, last Thursday, Joe quit his job at New China. Over Christmas break he was OFFERED another job! It's an early morning donut delivery job. He has to go to bed earlier...than he normally would anyway but he says he'd rather work in the morning than at night. I would have to agree, when he's gone in the morning Claire and I are sleeping most of that time so its sort of like he's not even gone..except when I roll over and realize he's not there (which, I think its always going to make me a little sad) Its a huge blessing to be able to spend our nights togther. "Saying" it out loud sounds so silly but Claire seems to really enjoy the times where she can just sit on the couch between mom and dad  while she eats her crackers.

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