Wednesday, November 9, 2011

cars..who needs em...

All they are is trouble! Yesterday we put our car in the shop..again..well, I don't mean it to sound like the car is always there but over the past..9 months I'd say we have spent around the department of $2,000 getting it fixes and the sad part is..once it is 'fixed' it won't truly be fixed..there are other things wrong that need fixed. We had made plans to celebrate Claire's birthday with my family. Her real birthday isn't until next Wednesday but I we were going to have a small get together with some of my family. Clearly, her birthday means more to me than it does to Claire. It's really an honor to be able to celebrate her first year of living! (outside my womb obviously)  I'm not trying to discount her pregnancy as her not living. nevermind. The fact that we didn't get to celebrate Ella's birthday with her here with us makes it extra disheartening about this car situation..

anyone giving away any cars that would suit a family of 3?

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