Thursday, June 7, 2012

vbs and the rest!

I am a crew leader this week at Vacation Bible School at the church I attend. My group is a group of 5 year olds this year. There is one in particular that has been giving me a hard time this week. His mom told me that he had A LOT going on in his life right now. I sort of figured before she even told me..he has it in him to be a sweet kid. 

We are learning all about trusting God. No matter what people do, trust God. No matter how we feel,trust God, no matter what happens, trust God..and There is another one, I'm not remembering. Its kicked my butt this week. In a good way I mean, its totally the reminder I needed. They raised over $1,000 since yesterday for Mexico. 2 of the guys got their heads shaved because they told the kids if they raised the money, they'd shave it. One of the guys hadn't got a haircut in a year because he was holding out for this week.

I've been feeling better mentally and emotionally. I'm scared that once we go back to normal life next week that I will go back into the pooper again. I heard someone mention that in order to be fulfilled in life, we need to be spiritually fulfilled. I don't know if its because I'm a bit busier this week or if its because I feel myself getting filled up spiritually again that I feel like my life isn't a total waste anymore. I hate that I feel this way....wait! I think I was reading that in a book! Its turned out to be a book I wish I would have read before I have started to now. Thank goodness is was free on kindle for a limited time or else I don't think I would have the opprotunity to read it.

I've been trying to journal almost every day. That helps. I think its a good idea to get my feelings out somehow. Even if just on a piece of paper that nobody else will read. I still have trouble praying :( it feels like I'm talking to myself..I can't wait for the feeling that I'm talking to no one to pass....

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