Friday, July 26, 2013

The Missouri part of our book has closed

Claire and I arrived last Saturday. She did great on the plane for the most part. She didn't know what to think of the assention part. Her reaction was to pull against the plane trying to pull her up. She didn't eat the candy or gum she had in her hand, she just sat there still. Once we got past the clouds she would stand in my lap and say "I'm flying!" it was too cute. We had a couple unexpected blessings along the way too!I was worried about how I would carry all our bags by myself, it turns out the check in was almost literally where Claire and I were dropped off. I was a dollar short of getting Claire and I a snack before we took off, the cashier let me go ahead and keep her cookie!
 The last few days have consisted to trying to find my way around, lots of walking and looking for places to work. I know God must have a plan for us here. Even if I have no idea what it is yet. I'm hoping I will find a job I enjoy and don't really consider "work".
I am a little homesick for the midwest but the change is nice and its home to my husband so I'm thinking we will both be happier here. If he's happy and Claire's is momma.

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