Monday, April 8, 2013

new beginnings

Joe leaves for Navy boot camp next Wednesday! I am nervous and anxious and excited all rolled into one. I am excited to start this new journey of our lives but scared to be alone. I hate that Joe will have to even go to boot camp. Makes total sense though. A person cannot just "know" the things they want you to learn unfortunately.

I will have my family to help me take care of Claire this summer. I'm hoping we won't get on each other's nerves too awful bad ;)

Claire has become more attached to daddy. We think she knows whats going on. Recently, he dropped us off somewhere and she bawled and screamed when he left. The girl knows whats up and its heartbreaking to this momma

We went to Moberly this weekend to visit before our lives officially change forever. We went to the dog park with our friends' dog. Claire really liked every minute of it! We got a chance to visit the church we attended and see some people we won't see for awhile.

I recently read on facebook about someone's husband being honorably discharged from the military because of setbacks and that really makes me nervous. It helps a little to know Joe will have a higher ranking as soon as he goes to bootcamp and if he passes his test in Sept, will go up another ranking.

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